A Brief History of Cannabis and CBD


We realized that education is the biggest factor when it comes to these products, so we created this booklet to help educate the public to know the many benefits and features this product can bring to you as the consumer. However, more than anything this information is to help you the reader make the choice for yourself whether or not CBD is right for you.

          • Cannabis was used as a medicine and grown as a crop for THOUSANDS of years.

          • In the early 1900’s Cannabis was freely sold in the United States.

          • The year 1937 Marijuana Tax Act made the possession or transfer of cannabis illegal.

          • Jump forward to 1996- The Compassionate Use Act Bill is passed in California. It allowed physicians to prescribe cannabis to patients with specific illnesses.

          • 1998 – GW Pharmaceuticals co-founder Geoffrey Guy MD, presents on the medical benefits of CBD at the international Cannabinoid Research Society.

          • 2009 – Cannabis strains with more CBD than THC are discovered in northern California

          • 2013 – Charlotte Figi’s story goes public. Her seizures are greatly reduced with the help of CBD oil. Now best known for the product Charlotte’s Webb CBD brand today.

          • 2017- Jon Echols, Oklahoma’s House of Representatives Majority Floor Leader, who had a niece with Dravet Syndrome (severe Epilepsy), Began a movement to legalize the use of Hemp derived CBD products in that state and helped Thousands of people find relief they had been searching for.

          • 2020 to the present – CBD is now being sold in most every state with laws passed specifically for that state and is wildly popular with various uses and products in the market today.

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