Why Caffeine & CBD together?

  1. The caffeine in Cruise provides a significant boost of energy to the body. The caffeine content in Cruise helps improve the blood circulation in the brain. When the brain is getting more oxygenated blood, it works better, faster – perfect if you are preparing for an exam, a sports competition or a meeting with your boss!
  2. Cruise contains a caffeine content similar to a cup of coffee. Nitrogen contributes to the increased absorption rates for caffeine. Cruise is served cold and offers a refreshing alternative to canned sodas and flavored waters.
  3. Medical studies have proven that caffeine boosts alertness, mental as well asphysical performances. Particularly, drinking a Cruise CBD beverage will increase the after-burn effect (post-exercise energy usage or expenditure) due to its cool and refreshing character. In layman terms, your body keeps burning calories after workouts and at the same time using energy to normalize hormonal changes, recover and relax. Since Cruise supplies caffeine and liquid volume quickly, the after-burn effect is maximized.
  4. Drinkers will also feel the benefits of the 25 mg. of broad-spectrum CDB in the form ofreduced stress and anxiety, provides much needed pain relief, especially after a strenuous workout.  It also helps to reduce inflammation and interacting with neurotransmitters.

Overall-the unique combination of CBD and caffeine in a Cruise nitro infused CBD craft beverage, will give the drinker an euphoric feel in the body by combining the CBD’s health benefits along with the energy and focused from the caffeine to leave the drinker feeling happy!