Hemp (CBD) vs. Marijuana (THC)


Hemp and marijuana both derive from the cannabis sativa family, they do share certain similarities. However, due to each plant’s biological structure, they have several very distinct & crucial differences.

The characteristics of each plant


  • CBD Oil
  • Hemp Oil
  • Cannabis oil (made from hemp)


  • 0.3% or less THC


  • THC oiil
  • Marijuana oil
  • Cannabis oil (made from marijuana)


  • 15-20% THC
  • Hemp and industry refer to the strain of cannabis plant that is grown for agricultural products such as textiles, seeds, and oils.


  • Can grow in most climates, bunched together with other plants, requires little care.
  • Can grow as high as 20 feet with leaves bunched near the top of the stem


  • No Psychoactive side effect.
  • Marijuana is know for its flowering tops of the plant. The flowers are typically bared to have high THC


  • Growth is carefully monitored, controlled in an isolate, warm, humid area to maximize psychoactive uses. Cross-pollination can ruin THC content.
  • Shorter, resembles a bush, with more leaves and buds surrounding the plant’s body


  • Psychoactive side effect.

    The chemical differences

    How it effects the brain

    CBD does not get you high

    How it effects the body

    {CBD & THC}

    THC does get you high

    Relieves Pain


    Decreases short-term memory impairment

    Short-term memory impairment

    Decreases anxiety




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